INFJ at Work

Meaning is just so important to the INFJ and they would only really buy in to a team that was trying to achieve something special, or lofty or that will help do something worthwhile. The INFJ can be an intense team member, reminding the group of what is ‘right’ and what their obligations are. They often, once bought into the team, will take on so much responsibility as they have such a strong need to drive things through. They will not deviate from the agreed course of action as such a course will have been arrived at after painful and serious deliberation. The INFJ is unlikely to do anything that abrogates their belief system but their strong ‘J’ means that when they think it’s right, they will drive relentlessly for closure and become animated and outspoken in defence of the cause.

The INFJ will come up with genuinely radical and different ideas and solutions and will be a great driver for the team. Less concerned with self and ego than with the cause the INFJ will work both tirelessly and selflessly in pursuit of the teams goals, once these are clearly and completely aligned with their own. Indeed they often take on far too much but this is simply due to the INFJ desire to complete. Once they have arrived at the conclusion that this is worthwhile, a process that will see the INFJ be quietly and at time tortuously reflective then they want to get on and do, and quickly. Others may find this paradox perplexing: that a quiet, introspective individual can transform in an instant into a crusading leader. And this transformation is binary, with no granularity; the INFJ will be reflecting or crusading, nothing in between.

Although introverted, the INFJ has very strong opinions, honed over much private reflection and will voice these strongly, less concerned with self and ego than with the cause. INFJs can make inspiring leaders as followers will believe in them and want to ‘sign up’, having a devotion to the cause that borders on evangelical so people will have a crystal clear vision of what could be.

Meaning is at the heart of who the INFJ is and they would not be motivated by ‘doing a job’ but need a cause, something which is important to them, something to believe in. Strongly humanitarian, INFJs tend to be idealists, and because of their desire for closure and completion, they are generally ‘doers’ as well as dreamers, who take on a disproportionate amount of responsibility.