INFJ Careers

Linking ‘type’ and ‘careers’ would be easy if it was just about listing specific jobs that perfectly fit specific personalities. However in truth it is more difficult than that as ignores other, more important issues, such as the organisation, the values and the culture, which are far better determinants of suitability than a job title. Also individual jobs vary widely from industry to industry, organisation to organisation and person to person. Therefore our focus on ‘type’ and ‘careers’ will be far more on you: your personality, your aptitudes, interests, likes, strengths and weaknesses and then matching these to the sorts of environments, cultures and norms within organisations that will allow you, given your character, to thrive grow and flourish. We spend a lot of our time at work and so it is important to get these issues right or we could spend a lot of working time unhappy, unproductive and unfulfilled.

INFJ strengths

The INFJ is honest and trustworthy, exuding integrity and sensitivity, and have a single-mindedness which will see them plan, organise and work tirelessly to achieve their goals. In this lofty pursuit they may be difficult to deflect from their chosen course of action, not as with the ESTJ from a desire to ‘get it done,’ but from the standpoint of ‘it’ being a worthwhile cause and having been arrived at by tortuous deliberation, therefore it must be right and the INFJ will always do what is right. As their focus is so much on ‘the bigger picture,’ and their primary drivers their values and the desire to ‘do good,’ sometimes the INFJ will find that reality or factual details get in the way of their lofty ideals, their serious schemes and their dreams of a better tomorrow. ‘Facts’ which do not support their ideas or which get in the way of the grand scheme may be ignored in their aspirational desire to reach Nirvana. INFJs value harmony and authenticity and they will bring an incredible work ethic and duty of care to anything they perceive as worthwhile and they will be unlikely to work on any project they felt was not worthwhile. They combine an idealism with a structured approach and tireless work and thus can effect real, lasting, change in the organisations they work in. The INFJ may not be the most easy to know but they will want to support and nurture others.

INFJ weaknesses

Although caring, kindly and amenable the INFJ has a very strong set of values, which, if transgressed, can make them crusading, vocal and extremely stubborn. Their single-mindedness can be such a positive and energising trait, creating genuine breakthroughs and coming up with such creativity. However they can struggle when their ideas are not workable and may neglect to paint in the brutal facts of reality into their lofty ideals. The INFJ also often takes on too much and this can see them become overwhelmed and de-energised and withdraw to bring their energy levels back up. Their idealism also means that at times the INFJ may be unrealistic about timescales and how much they have taken on, becoming ‘snow-blind’ to problems as they carry on regardless as their mission is so all consuming and important to them. At such times the INFJ sometimes struggles to remain open to other people’s ideas as they are focused so much on the goal, which is of course linked to their ideal. Although they can be crusading on issues that are important to them the INFJ does not generally like conflict and may simply withdraw when the situation becomes tense or loud or where there are multiple, competing viewpoints as the INFJ is intensely introverted and so they prefer to speak when they have a clear purpose and a point to the discussion.

Best INFJ work environments

The key word in the INFJ vocabulary is ‘meaning,’ and any role they assume or any organisation they work for will be ‘vetted’ to ensure it fits with their belief system and deeply held values. The INFJ would not take ‘just a job,’ they prefer a cause, something they can believe in and into which they can channel their incredibly serious and earnest energy. They often take charity roles, or roles that require standing up for the downtrodden or oppressed, and such roles satiate their need for meaning, and provide a platform for their values. The INFJ thinks so deeply and so intensely about their actions and everything needs to fit into their values ecosystem so that work, life, beliefs, people are all connected to the whole. Once they buy in they are incredibly hard workers who will assume roles and responsibilities even in areas others might avoid as they are true crusaders for whom the cause can be everything. INFJs will need an outlet for their imaginative and innovative side and whatever it is the organisation does, product or service, will be important to them so they can immerse themselves in it.

Worst INFJ work environments

INFJs prefer an environment that values independent thought and an outlet for their creativity and so a repetitive, ‘job’ would not be for them. Their independence is important to them and so being micromanaged or having no freedom of expression will stifle them. INFJs also need to understand the bigger picture and so work without context or meaning would not bring out the best in them nor would the organisation get the buy in that is important to the INFJ. They also have high moral standards and so prefer a cause, or a stance so that what they do actually means something and will make a difference and then they will apply their considerable energies and work long and hard to drive towards a conclusion. INFJs like to come up with unique solutions, they are dutiful and organised and will want to immerse themselves in something that they believe in and in an organisation that values them, indeed where there is mutual respect and people are valued and where harmony reigns. To show up, do a day’s work and then go home does not really fit with the INFJ need to care.

Best INFJ careers

The INFJ will thrive and flourish in an organisation where people are valued and where there is a product, service and environment they can both be proud of and believe in. INFJs are often found in charities, government organisations, etc where they feel they can make a difference and so routine roles where there is little meaning or opportunity to express their caring nature and creativity would not bring out the best in them. They prefer structure to chaos and want to get their teeth into activities that they feel are important and that will help people.