ESTP Relationships

The ESTP is the fun-loving, adventurous, gregarious individual who will be the life and soul of the party - until their boredom levels kick in and they will be off looking for the next big adventure. The ‘S’ factualness goes strangely with the ‘P’ which means that they will want to quickly get as much sensory experiences as possible, all that can be fitted into one day, then the ESTP will need the next fix of excitement. The ESTP is family oriented and will protect and support those close. However they do not like to be constrained or bored or (worst of all) told what to do.

Constantly in a rush to move onto something more exciting, the ESTP may forget the ‘niceties’ of considering how other people are feeling. This is not due to not caring, it is more about not noticing as the blur of moving from one interesting, sensory experience to the next holds their attention.

ESTPs are fun loving, adventurous, gregarious types who will be the life and soul of the party - until their boredom levels kick in and they will be off looking for the next big adventure or buzz. Being so practical and action oriented the ESTP will want to jump in and solve problems, which is what they’re built for, impervious to their environment which means emotions don’t really feature. The ESTP will easily share their thoughts, factually and directly but will not really see the need for emotions, as they would not really help get the job done or the problem fixed. They need that constant feed. The ESTP draws great energy from moving swiftly from problem to problem, coming up with practical solutions and moving on. They are great company, friendly and chatty, but don’t really ‘get’ emotions.

ESTPs love a good conflict. Not to hurt or to be self-aggrandising but because it creates the right honesty and tension to get the problem fixed more quickly. Being impervious they rarely take offence. The ESTP does not like a slow or steady pace and will want to make sure everyone is doing stuff rather than thinking. Their low boredom threshold means they don’t want to be constrained or told what to do. Direct and economic with words, the ESTP will tell it like it is and expect others to do the same. The robust debate helps them get it done more quickly but those more reflective might find it a bit brutal. Once it’s over, for the ESTP it’s over and they will have moved onto the next big thing. They don’t bear grudges or reflect deeply preferring to sort it out and move on to where the next action is.