ESFP at Work

In a work setting, the ESFP will bring an urgency to get things rolling - and make sure they happen right now. The ESFP will look to have an immediate and positive impact on the team and as such will be a good catalyst for action, and cutting through anything woolly or ethereal. In organisations the ESFP is the natural ‘glue’ for the team, excellent at establishing and maintaining relationships and morale and bringing others in.

ESFPs dislike conflict and feel the need to immediately deal with it. This makes them excellent bridge-builders within the team, the ones who will make sure that harmony rules. Unlike their ISFP counterpart the ESFP will not sit and wait, or be insightfully patient but will seize the moment, jump in and create harmony. They will be great at maintaining group morale, energising the team and spreading their natural enthusiasm and positivity among the others. The ESFP will not be the note taker or the planner; they prefer to deal only with the ‘here and now.’ However the value that adds to the team can be immense in terms of ensuring everyone has a voice, everyone is taken care of and that there are lots of smiling faces.

When things get serious or difficult the ESFP will be there to lighten the load, make a joke, share an anecdote and generally oil the wheels of the team to create the conditions for harmony, happiness and positivity. They will immediately jump in and create harmony. However they prefer the positive and may not be good with tough calls or bad news. Managing an ESFP will be about understanding that they have such a good heart and add most value when they are unconstrained and allowed to be at the beating heart of the organisation.

An ESFP may slide out of rules and regulations on the basis that, 'I just had to do something to help.' They have an intense need to jump in and offer practical help and need the space to be allowed to do this. The ESFP may creative but it will be in a practical, people-centric way, rather than as a reflector and the ones who comes up with novel ideas, although they will be such great supporters of such types, indeed of everyone.