ESFJ at Work

In a work situation, the ESFJ will be the harmonious team builder, good at maintaining group morale, accentuating the positive and encouraging contributions from all team members making the team more open and participative. Great at precision and built for attrition, the ESFJ will blast through mountains of work making sure that it is completed on time, as agreed and with the highest levels of accuracy; the ESFJ rarely gets it wrong.

They are typically painstaking, orderly, duty-driven, conscientious and fretful to get it right and ‘do good.’ They are superb at follow-through and are at heart perfectionists. The ESFJ will, however, worry about the smaller things and may be reluctant to ‘let go.’ Very little slips past the ESFJ as they have an incredible memory for, and ability in, facts, details and specifics.

Although probably not the one to lead from the front, the ESFJ will be an excellent backstop and will take all tasks allocated very seriously and want to drive for closure, because that is how they are built. Like the ISFJ the ESFJ will be the protector, the one who makes sure the team do not slip off-track or fail to complete by deadline. However the ESFJ is far more talkative and, when combined with factualness, they will vocalize their feelings and be more open in their support of people. The ISFJ would be less vocal and provide more of a behind the scenes support.

The ESFJ has an incredible ability to ‘get in the zone’ and, whilst preferring to focus on one task at a time, can apply themselves diligently and the team can be sure that what has been agreed will be delivered on time, as agreed.

They are not often keen on delegating, preferring to tackle all tasks themselves and this is where they add most value to the team by checking, by actively searching for mistakes, by creating order and structure. The ESFJ will probably not be the most imaginative or the one with all the ideas, but will excel when it gets into the detail and they have an incredible ability to churn through amazing amounts of work. However detailed, however precise, however data heavy the ESFJ will bring their concentration to bear on it and will complete on time and with a high degree of accuracy.

The ESFJ will ensure the team is protected from mistakes, and will focus on the people issues and the detail. They are painstaking, orderly, duty-driven, conscientious and fretful to get it right. As the ESFJ has the twin focus of getting things done and taking care of the people they will make sure that everything is planned and that the team are equipped and ready to drive for closure.

As the ESFJ is driven by a sense of duty, they will take their roles seriously and work long and hard to get it right. They may get bogged down in detail and have to lift their heads to see the wider context. The ESFJ will want a plan and closure, they do not like loose ends or anything they perceive as impractical. Great at follow-through they may struggle with anything woolly, or not clearly getting the intended result. The strength of the ESFJ is their focus on people and detail, not in coming up with the original ideas. They will be super organisers and excel at getting people to stick to the plan and making things happen.