ENTP at Work

ENTPs bring a radical perspective, looking at newer, better and more interesting ways. Not for them the routine of the past, but a healthy challenge to the status quo, and irritation with a pace that’s too slow. ENTPs can find ways around obstacles and problems. Headstrong and assertive they can spark life into a team, break through inertia but they may not follow through, as they like to move on to the new as soon as it becomes routine.They can however irritable and impatient if things do not progress at pace and benefit from someone who will dare to impose some structure to get the best out of the ENTP. ENTPs are so highly motivated until it becomes workaday and then they will withdraw and look for some other big challenge where they can impose ideas and a big-picture perspective. ENTPs thrive under pressure and have a strong desire to succeed and to win and this is super as a call to action for the rest of the group.

The ENTP will energise, enthuse and impose some shape or pattern on group discussion and on the outcome of group activities. They readily take the lead, cut through complacency and inertia and seek to bring new, radical ideas to the group, which the ENTP sells emphatically to the others. Confident and dynamic the ENTP will bring strong drive and a readiness to challenge inertia, ineffectiveness and complacency. Very little will get or slow them down and they will be the catalysts for change and have no problem making unpopular decisions or tearing up the rulebook. The ENTP is a great front end driver for the team but may not stay around once it becomes about implementing as the ENTP will feel they have done their bit; and they probably will have.

ENTPs will need space and flexibility as they like to do things their way, working in incredible bursts of energy, getting things moving very quickly but then looking for the next big thing to interest them. The ENTP does not like to be controlled or micro-managed and they dislike rules or regulations preferring to create as they go, working at pace and focusing on what interests and excites them. ENTPs are true radicals, coming up with ever-better ways of doing things, breaking through conventions and even taking unpopular decisions. However they are less useful when it gets to the detail.