Thinking types make their decisions on the basis of logic, rationale argument and dispassionate analysis. As Jung describes:

Others are exclusively oriented by what they think, and simply cannot adapt to a situation which they are unable to understand intellectually…most of the conscious material he presents for observation consists of thoughts, conclusions, reflections, as well as actions…of an intellectual nature or at the least the material is directly dependent on intellectual premises.

We can how Jung uses scientific rationale and syntax to illustrate his point that Thinking types will naturally make their decisions from a non-emotional standpoint. If you are a Thinking type you will find it easier to make your decisions more objectively and you will bring a fair and rational approach. However this does mean that at times you may not fully understand the impact of your behaviour or pick up on the more emotional and subtle points in discussions.

This scale is not about being ‘tough’ or ‘soft,’ as Feelers often make great crusaders for the cause and can be incredibly outspoken and strident in defence of values or people who are being oppressed. As a Thinker you simply approach problems and decision-making from the standpoint of logic and removing emotion from the equation.

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