If you are a Sensing type this determines the way you tend to take in and process information. You will prefer experience, concrete facts and will absorb data in a literal, more concrete way. As Jung describes:

The concrete sensation of a flower…conveys a perception not only of the flower as such, but also of the stem, leaves, habitat and so on.

So Sensing types take in and process information in a more linear, tangible way and you will tend to see anything more abstract as woolly which needs to be broken down into constituent parts and understood in a sequence, rather than in relation to each other. You will ‘sense’ the physical qualities of information, situations, etc and you will tend to process what you see in a linear way which allows you to separate it out and put it into a plan of action. You will tend to value experience and a more traditional ways of doing things, rather be attracted to the new and unusual

You will be more grounded in the here and now and the day-to-day physical realities, rather than the conceptual or abstract and you will probably be known for ‘keeping it real,’ dealing with people, situations and tasks with an focus on the facts an detail which is how you remember people, names, situations, by the specifics rather than the generalities, your recall mechanisms tends to be factual rather than impressionistic. You are essentially practical, preferring practical applications of knowledge and experience, and will tend to learn best by doing, immersing yourself in the detail, rather than by allusions or allegories. You will tend to prefer working ‘bottom up,’ ie grasping and understanding all of the facts before building it into the whole picture.

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