The "Intuitive" preference generates abstract possibilities from information that is absorbed. If you are an Intuitive type you will tend to prefer future possibilities, the abstract and the unknown. As Jung suggests:

Intuitives [do not] concern with the reality of things, but surrender themselves wholly to the lure of possibilities and abandon every situation in which no further possibilities can be scented.

So whilst the Sensing types take in and process information factually and in sequential detail, if you are an Intuitive type your preference will be to explore possibilities, the new, the untried, the untested and the novel. You will tend to build ‘top down,’ ie you will focus on the overall shape and patterns which are emerging and finally fit the facts around these. Your memory will tend to be more impressionistic, ie you will recall the impressions of people, situations and issues rather than the specifics. You will tend to be drawn towards the generalities and then move to the more specific later and your understanding of situations tends to be via a holistic insight rather than concrete experience. You like to understand the underpinning principles and general sense before becoming immersed in the facts and detail.

Your orientation will be more future focused and you will tend to get energised by new possibilities and new ways of approaching problems or tasks than using the tried and tested methodology. You like the essence of things rather than the component parts, which will only come much later when they are fitted into the total pattern to support it. You will prefer to join the dots for yourself, rather than being presented with the facts and your preference will be to be able to jump around in your own way when you learn or consider or take in information, rather than work steadily and systematically. You are far better at seeing the nuances and reading between the lines than following a script.

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