Perceiving types are flexible and spontaneous. If you are a Perceiver you will tend to work in short bursts of energy rather than at a steady pace. When studying you will probably wait until near the deadline to get things done, as the idea of a strict plan that has to be adhered to does not let you be at your best. You tend to be driven by interest and you much prefer to keep your options open. We were considering if there could be just one question that could identify a Judger from a Feeler and we all agreed this one at the very east encapsulates the difference:

If something needs to be done do you do it and then chill, or chill first then do it?

The Perceiver prefers to leave things open and loose, and will work less well with a plan, preferring to wait until things need to be done. Indeed that sense of having to get it done as the deadline approaches actually energises the Perceiver and they like the action and buzz of ‘the last minute.’ Flexible, adaptable and always open to new ideas, you will excel in pressurised environment where things are constantly changing and which require an open-minded approach.

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