Judging types tend to feel far more comfortable when decisions are made. If you are a Judging type you will prefer to drive for closure and a clear plan of action so that you can tick off tasks when you have completed them. A lack of clear pathway will probably concern you and you will have a drive to get things done, early if possible. You will be far more comfortable when things are settled rather then being up in the air, or too loose. We were considering if there could be just one question that could identify a Judger from a Feeler and we all agreed this one at the very east encapsulates the difference:

If something needs to be done do you do it and then chill, or chill first then do it?

The Judger just can’t leave things hanging and will want to be constantly busy but with a clear purpose and direction. You will prefer a planned, ordered, scheduled existence and you prefer to work steadily towards conclusion. You prefer things to be settled rather than up in the air, and you do not function so well where the environment is loose and with no clear direction or plan of action.

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