We recently launched our first course to give you a really practical, common sense, everyday ‘users guide’ to personality.

It’s not just an academic or interesting perspective but something to really help you understand why people are like they are, and how you can better influence, manage, support and interact with them.

Knowing your own personality type is a great starting point but knowing how your personality relates to others is where you can really benefit from understanding type.

The course is in bite-size chunks so you can snack learn or if you want to see the benefits ASAP then you can do that in one 75 minute sitting!

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This course will show you:

  • How to spot all the different personality types
  • Why you ‘click’ with some people but not others
  • How to get along better with people by understanding the your differences 
  • What you may be like in a relationship
  • How other people may see you
  • How to manage conflict effectively
  • How to motivate and get the best out of different personality types