You Know Someone is an Extravert When...

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Published on Thu, 05/02/2013 - 15:48 by Angharad Jones

Thinking out loudThey think out loud

“Where’s my… oh there it is” is a common phrase for the extravert. They say things as they think them and they need to talk through their thoughts to make sense of them. The upside is you’ll know the context, what’s happening, why they think things, how they got to their decisions. The downside is you’ll know and experience all the mind-changes and irrelevances too; like that they momentarily misplaced… something (they never finished that sentence)! If they are extravert ‘N’ they will go through their future ideas and plans, if they are extravert ‘S’ they will take you through the details.

They interrupt you

They don’t always mean to but they will talk over you. If they think of something to add to the conversation they will be bursting to say it and will jump in on the smallest of gaps in the conversation, even though you just paused for breath. It’s a bad habit but it’s because they are so keen to join in the discussion.

They are happy to talk openly

Small talk, introductions to new people, impromptu meetings are much more natural for the extravert who’s happier to just talk it out and then reflect and think later, if at all!

They can’t be on their own too long

A defining feature of an extravert is that they need a ‘feed’ in; people, noise, information. That’s not to say they don’t need quiet and their own space but it won’t be long before they need to feel connected and tuned in to the world and the people around them to reenergise. Without action and buzz around them their battery runs flat.

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