What’s the personality of the perfect manager?

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Published on Tue, 08/02/2016 - 16:21 by Bill McAneny

TeamWell there’s a question! Firstly have you ever met ‘the perfect manager,’ I haven’t, (though I’ve met many who thought they were). And secondly does your personality make you a better or worse manager? I don’t think so. Whenever we attend traditional management-training courses the trainer starts by saying: ‘who are the great leaders from history? And usually the ‘answer’ is Winston Churchill and Richard Branson! Next question: ‘what makes them great?’ A list of, often strange and contradictory, attributes. Last question: ‘how can we be like that?’ Stop!

Our view is that anyone can learn to be a great manager, but they have to do that in the way that suits them as individuals. The Latin root of the word ‘education,’ is ‘e-ducato,’ which means ‘leading out.’ So rather than trying, in vain, to be like her or him, we should bring out the unique manager in ourselves. Being like her or him is not possible, nor should we want to. And trying to do so will mean we are not being authentic, true to ourselves and other people will see that. So there’s no ‘best manager’ personality, even if some personality types beg to differ. There’s just all of us, with our own foibles and idiosyncrasies doing the best we can and doing it our way. Sure we can learn the practical skills to be better managers, that’s why we created Skilful.co. But they way we manage, which is a day-by-day, often hour-by-hour activity, will depend on us as individuals, so we do it our way: ‘not that way,’ or ‘that way!’ So which character type makes the best manager? All of them!

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