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Published on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 14:10 by Prelude Team
Team I was in a bar having a couple of beers and fancied another. The guy next to me asked “do you really need another?” I said: “I didn’t need the first two, I want another beer.” There is a big different between ‘need’ and ‘want’ and it’s the same when it comes to people. We want people like us because we get them, we understand them, and they are predictable to us as they approach things in exactly the same way we do; the ‘right’ way! But we actually need people who are not like us for exactly that reason, they bring something different, they have ‘another way,’ they’re not us.

When teams come together, we see the ESTJ completers flock together to try to drive for closure, the ENTPs are off looking for new possibilities and connections and the ESFPs are busily looking to make sure the needs of the people are taken care of and that we have absolute harmony. So, which is best? Of course, a blend.

In his early work on teams R Meredith Belbin made an assumption that teams made up of the smartest and most confidant would out-shine all the others; he even called such teams ‘Apollo Teams, after the Greek God. Luckily, he tested out his hypothesis in real life and guess what he found? These ‘Apollo Teams’ were outperformed by all other teams, even those made up of more mild-mannered, less confident and academic individuals. So, why was that? Well the so called ‘Apollo Teams’ were made up of individuals from an education system where coming first was paramount, no-one would concede a point, they spent heaps of time on abortive debate and…no-one wanted to write the notes. So, what did he learn? That it takes a combination, a balance for a team to be successful where they can all draw on the talents and personalities that each can contribute. ENTPs are great at enthusing and energising, but they can quickly lose interest when it becomes more mundane, you wouldn’t want them planning or tying up the loose ends. ESTJs are relentless in their drive to get it all done, but when it comes to looking at ideas and possibilities, it’s not really their forte.

So, as an ENTP myself like the knockabout of open discussions and making new contacts and doing new stuff, having stimulating conversations, and I prefer people who are like that, that’s what I want. But what do I really need? The opposite, someone to plan and deliver, otherwise we’d all have a great time coming up with new ideas and possibilities, and never get anything finished.

Bill McAneny


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