The power of difference: Sylvester Stallone vs. Robert De Niro

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Published on Fri, 01/17/2014 - 09:49 by Bill McAneny

With actors it’s often difficult to get know the real person behind the characters they play. However the endless promotion of the new film ‘The Grudge’ has given us the chance to really get to know Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro as people. Watching them together actually helps as we can see that Sly clearly takes the lead whereas Bob is happy to sit back and let him. Sly uses the interview as an opportunity to entertain and engage, Bob looks as if he’d rather be at home, but is polite, serious and factual. In this clip Bob only really answers a question because Charlie Stayt pushes it and of course he answers politely and factually and when he is finished Sly says straight to camera: “Did you miss me?”

The piece opens with Sly playing to the camera and the interviewer Charlie Stayt points to Sly and says: “He does all the talking” and Bob says: “I like that he talks, it’s entertaining for me.” Bob takes the opportunity to take a back seat and say very little. However Sly makes the point that when Bob called him to ask him to do the film, he “get’s on the phone, he’s on a mission,” which demonstrates the introvert trait of being happier to be more vocal if there is a purpose to the conversation, rather than ‘doing chitchat’ which comes more naturally to Sly. Sly has watched all Bob’s films, but Bob says he hasn’t seen all Sly’s movies and Sly says: “Bob watches the radio.”

So in terms of character type we would see Sylvester Stallone as an ESTP, animated, low boredom threshold, jumping around and holding the stage, with Robert De Niro as an ISTJ, quiet, factual, shunning the limelight and not only preferring his partner to steal the show, but actually enjoying it.  This is a rare glimpse to get to know the people behind the characters.

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