The ISFJ - often undervalued, usually invaluable

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Published on Fri, 04/11/2014 - 16:10 by Bill McAneny

The scales of justiceBecause their best work usually occurs more behind the scenes as they don’t really like the limelight, ISFJs are often the unsung heroes. They work systematically and assiduously a rare combination of caring and detailed and they are often the protectors making sure the routine is taken care of and that what has been agreed is delivered, on time, exactly as agreed and without fuss. Once they have ‘bought in’ ISFJs will work incredibly hard in the background, often unnoticed by the rest of the team, to make sure that things work and hang together for everyone.

Caring and sensitive to how other people are feeling, ISFJs are superb at remembering names and faces and specific facts, (including those who have offended them), which they store in the pristine filing cabinets inside their heads. They can then draw all these strands together into a plan, which they will quietly carry out to completion ensuring every ‘i’ is dotted and ‘t’ crossed. The ISFJ is loyal, often shy, but with a strong value system, which it is possible to offend, even without trying to as ISFJs, whilst naturally emotional, often don’t express their emotions and they also naturally want to see ‘good’ in other people. This means the ISFJ can get hurt as they may give one chance too many.  

ISFJs need to be needed and this is where they excel: a clear task where they can immerse themselves in supporting, caring and planning so it all comes together and harmony is restored. They tend to be very private individuals and so it is often the case that they get overlooked. Then everything just happens as it should, done, dusted, completed and the value of the ISFJ is suddenly apparent, before they disappear under the radar again where they are most comfortable.

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