Sensing versus Intuiting: a ‘spotters’ guide

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Published on Fri, 03/02/2018 - 11:38 by Prelude Team

If the Thinking vs Feeling scale is our output scale, ie how we make decisions, the ‘S-N’ scale is our input scale, how we take in information. Sensors are more grounded, they like the facts, the figures, the here and now, while Intuitors are more future oriented, they like pictures, ideas, and future possibilities. There are lots of clues to figuring out whether someone is a Sensor or an Intuitor, but a sure-fire way is to ask for directions. “Can you tell me how to get to your house for the party?”

“Of course; the address is 3 Roland Road and if you come in via the A120, you take the first exit marked “Braintree East,” then follow it to the roundabout. Take the second exit, signposted “Town Centre,” you’ll see a Texaco garage on your left. Follow this for half a mile until you come to the High School on your right and, at the junction, turn left in Maple Avenue. After 100 yards you’ll see a block of flats to your left, turn in there and my place is the third house on your right, painted blue, with a red Citroen parked in the drive. Be there for 7.00PM.”

Communication is sending AND receiving

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Published on Wed, 05/28/2014 - 15:26 by Bill McAneny

ConversationThere are so many ‘Communication Skills’ courses out there, but in essence communication is not so much a skill, but a choice; ie if you want someone to know what’s going on, you’ll find a way to tell them, in your own way. It’s the same with a ‘Listening Skills’ course, you know they teach you to pretend to listen, make your eyes big, focus hard and say “mm hmm” every so often so the other person thinks you’re really listening. Yet if we’re interested we’ll listen.

But the messaging matters and different personality types send, and receive, very differently. Just consider a Sensing type and an Intuitive type giving directions, or describing a scene: complete opposites.

Sensing vs Intuitive: bottom up or top down

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Published on Thu, 12/12/2013 - 13:49 by Bill McAneny

Viewing a painting from different perspectivesI had a group of Directors from a Global Energy Company together teaching them psychology. They really ‘got’ Jungian type but struggled with Sensing vs Intuitive. So I got them into two groups and asked each group to agree what the film ‘American Beauty’ was about. The Intuitive types said it was:

A film about shining a torch in the underbelly of American life searching for hope and seeing ugly and beauty, good and bad, in what is there.

The Sensing types came up with:

Pretentious crap about temptation: some guy having a mid-life crisis, trying to hit on a schoolgirl and in the end getting his just deserts.

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