INFP vs ISFP: savouring new possibilities vs savouring new experiences

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Published on Fri, 02/07/2014 - 09:45 by Bill McAneny

Golden Air​People often confuse the INFP and the ISFP, as they are both quiet, laid back, gentle enigmas. They are also both intensely private inhabiting their own internal worlds but there is a major difference: INFPs are future oriented dreamers who enjoy flights of fancy and seeing many possibilities while ISFPs prefer to stop and savour the sensory, real experiences of the moment to the max. Neither are forthcoming types, both love the new, both dislike structure or being controlled, however the INFP will look up and dream big dreams and the ISFP will look down, immersing themselves in actual experiences.

These are subtle differences but they help us better understand the two character types, which, paradoxically, are often the most misunderstood. Both are astute observers of life, caring and loyal: yet they experience the world in very different ways with the INFP wanting to see way beyond the here and now and the ISFP wanting to remain there until their need for experience is satiated and they move onto the next, new sensory experience.

Bowie at his own pace

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Published on Tue, 01/08/2013 - 14:10 by Bill McAneny

Being ten years since his last musical offering isn't surprising given David Bowie's ISFP personality. He won't be rushed, works at his own pace and will only ever put something out there if he has something to say (why say anything if there's nothing to say?) ISFPs are often caught in the moment and can seem to 'disappear' for long periods of time whilst they are actually totally immersing themselves in something new. Bowie, at 66, doesn't feel either the artistic or commercial pressures to churn stuff out and so he will have been slowly and carefully immersing himself in something fascinating and he will only come out when he's ready, very much an ISFP trait. People may say 'where have you been' and his answer, if he did answer, would be 'where haven't I been?'

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