The ESTJ - factual carers, built to manage

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Published on Thu, 08/15/2013 - 12:08 by Bill McAneny

ESTJDirect, to the point and wanting to get on and ‘do’ the ESTJ could be viewed as not a people person; but they so are, they just don’t really understand the subtleties of emotion. ESTJ’s have at their core ‘factualness’ and they need the facts, the details and they like them clear rather than woolly. ESTJs tend to be quite traditional, family oriented and place a premium on old-fashioned values. They are caring but find it difficult to ‘do’ emotions, as they like to translate anything that is unclear, emotional or fuzzy into facts that can be placed in a box and understood. I once had an ESTJ say to me “I think I’m becoming emotional,” I mean how factual is that! Everything needs a label so the ESTJ can quantify and understand it.

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