Life is a people game, and a contact sport

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Published on Fri, 01/10/2014 - 16:48 by Bill McAneny

Water DropIn business, as in life, success often depends about the quality of the interactions we have. Understanding ourselves is a great first step but ultimately it is about understanding ourselves in relation to other people and of course getting to better understand them. Our behaviour has an impact and that impact has a consequence: the impact is how we leave people feeling and the consequence is what occurs as a result of that impact. I once asked an SVP of a large energy company how his people saw him (I had already asked): “A livewire, a bit of a joker who loves the joust, they love me,” he said. Nope. So I told him: “They say you’re a sarcastic, self-indulgent bully who makes a joke of everything.” So we can see our SVP was aware of his behaviour but he viewed it from the standpoint of himself, rather than those on the receiving end. He knew his behaviour but not the impact, or indeed the consequence (that everyone was looking for a transfer!) So sometimes in psychology we focus so much on the individual that we ignore the interactions, fail to grasp our impact and then, often without realising why, suffer the consequences.

So we’ve created the Character Analysis comparator tool:

Click on your personality type (take the assessment first if you don’t know) and compare your type to the other person, (friend, partner, colleague, boss, direct report, etc) and it will give you a complete breakdown of the interactions and potential pinch points. It’s just worth being aware of the differences (and indeed similarities) so that we can understand and manage them, otherwise we may find ourselves inadvertently having a negative impact and suffering some surprising consequences.

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