I’m a celebrity, get me out of here: rumbles in the jungle

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Published on Fri, 11/23/2012 - 10:11 by Bill McAneny

When people are deprived of food there are more clashes. This is because when we are under pressure our basic personality leaks out, and our ability to modify our behaviour is impaired. In the jungle the main early clashes will probably be around the following:

Helen Flanagan we would suspect is an ENFP personality type and so her neural processing will occur, not inside her head in private but out through her mouth in full public view, ie she will speak out her feelings easily. This will make her loud, gregarious, talkative, great at camaraderie but sensitive and slightly focused on how issues, situations, people relate directly to her. She is not organised, focused or objective so may think, "didn't I do well," rather than "I need to make sure we all eat tonight" as she may want to be valued for who she is as a person rather than what she does/has done. Therefore the others may well see her as really nice but a little precious and self-absorbed. 

Hugo Taylor, probably an ESFJ personality type, will project a slightly unusual combination of 'J' and ‘F.’ ‘J’ is a desire to ‘do’, to jump in, take charge, get things done and be obsessive about detail, order and neatness. ‘F’ is a more sensitive and emotional side. This means he may not be so good when things aren't going well and could display a more negative, whiny, ‘glass half full’ side. If he is in charge, and it is going his way he is great; if he loses the locus of control he may become a drain on the group emotionally and morale-wise. 

David Haye is probably an ESTJ personality type and so will be great when the going gets tough and will share Hugo's action orientation. However the 'T-F' difference means David does not really get emotion and won't understand those who are more sensitive (for example Hugo, Helen, Limahl) as David's strength is to just get on and do and he will be unfazed by his environment. This means he just may not understand the impact of his behaviour on those who are not like him.

Eric Bristow we think may be an INTP personality type who like formality, rules and protocols and things done properly and he may not understand the impact of his behaviour on his more sensitive camp mates. He is happy in an argument and may believe "I just said it like it is," not comprehending the negative impact and debris he may cause. His bluntness may not be intended to cause offence but it may well do so, and indeed he may not care if it does. The INTP world is built around their rules and beliefs, which makes it difficult for them to see the other point of view as their world view is built over time and so they may assume they are right most of the time. In particular someone like Helen may be devastated by what Eric would say was just banter.

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