Communication is sending AND receiving

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Published on Wed, 05/28/2014 - 15:26 by Bill McAneny

ConversationThere are so many ‘Communication Skills’ courses out there, but in essence communication is not so much a skill, but a choice; ie if you want someone to know what’s going on, you’ll find a way to tell them, in your own way. It’s the same with a ‘Listening Skills’ course, you know they teach you to pretend to listen, make your eyes big, focus hard and say “mm hmm” every so often so the other person thinks you’re really listening. Yet if we’re interested we’ll listen.

But the messaging matters and different personality types send, and receive, very differently. Just consider a Sensing type and an Intuitive type giving directions, or describing a scene: complete opposites.

If you are a Sensing type then your normal, factual, grounded style of communication comes naturally to you and to you absolutely clear. But if you’re speaking with an Intuitive type your precise, detailed language may be misconstrued as lacking imagination, uncreative and too prosaic. For you language is a practical tool to convey facts but the Intuitive will need something more contextual.  

If you’re an Intuitive type you will enjoy language and use analogies and pictures and be very future oriented. But to a Sensing type you may come across as woolly and too theoretical and unrealistic. For you language is a creating tool to convey meaning but the Sensing type will need something far more practical and factual. We can see this here:

So it’s worth considering your opposite type when communicating and then you can build some bridges by communicating in a way that they understand and this of course means your message gets through and is received loud and, most importantly, clear.

For more information, check out our Sensing and Intuition page for a detailed analysis. We'd love to hear your thoughts on personality and communication in the comments below.

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