Bowie at his own pace

Bill McAneny's picture
Published on Tue, 01/08/2013 - 14:10 by Bill McAneny

Being ten years since his last musical offering isn't surprising given David Bowie's ISFP personality. He won't be rushed, works at his own pace and will only ever put something out there if he has something to say (why say anything if there's nothing to say?) ISFPs are often caught in the moment and can seem to 'disappear' for long periods of time whilst they are actually totally immersing themselves in something new. Bowie, at 66, doesn't feel either the artistic or commercial pressures to churn stuff out and so he will have been slowly and carefully immersing himself in something fascinating and he will only come out when he's ready, very much an ISFP trait. People may say 'where have you been' and his answer, if he did answer, would be 'where haven't I been?'

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